Biotronics, Inc.


Our Mission Statement:

Integrating humans, materials, and machines.

About us:

Biotronics, Inc. is a MEMS Technology facilitating company that primarily provides a broad range of semiconductor foundry services. We largely support Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Nitride, Gallium Arsenide substrates.


Mask layout, photolithography, electroplating, chemical mechanical polishing, and microelectromechanicalsystem (MEMS) fabrication

Products in Research:

Active Micro Parts

Biomedical Pressure Sensors

Human-Actuator Interface

Bio Electronics for health monitoring and drug delivery


Biotronics, Inc.: 24831 Lorain Rd.  Suite 203  North Olmsted Tel:440-801-9046 Fax:440-846-9698

Email:    info or Stacey Collins

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